Your multi-disciplinary transformation and innovation team About Us

    • The people behind the development of The MBT Framework are focused on building a practical and detailed methodology to allow leadership and transformation teams to genuinely embed the positive results of change.  We are a team of innovative thinkers with real-world experience and our mandate was to explore ‘the how’ of innovation so that clients can see the benefits of a Framework that makes innovation and change sustainable.

      Originally conceived by Mervin Chiang and with backing from leading business improvement and transformation company, Procensol, the team behind the MBT Framework includes a diverse group of senior professionals in the disciplines of leadership and strategy, change and communications, technology and innovation management.

      It is this multi-disciplinary expertise that has enabled us to produce a practical and holistic Framework for the entire organisation.

      Together the co-creators are focussed on a common goal: to help organisations achieve Change Resilience through innovative agility in a sustainable, predictable and repeatable way.

  • Principles for Change

    • The MBT Framework enables an holistic approach to deliver tangible solutions that can be adapted to each individual organisation. The MBT Framework is adopted by a bespoke delivery team, specifically assembled for each customer to suit the needs and goals of each organisation.

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