Lead in Innovation and Transformation with confidence Uplift Capability

  1. The MBT Framework
  2. Uplift Capability
    • The Uplift Capability pillar prepares an organisation to proactively respond to change and innovation. By ensuring internal business operations are optimised, Uplift Capability delivers the following outcomes to support the benefits of the MBT Framework:

      • Strengthen internal capability to respond to change with confidence and impact.
      • Ensure their internal operations support and sustain innovation practices.
      • Respond promptly to market changes and take advantage of opportunities.
      • Generate ideas and champion innovation across all areas of the business.
      • Empower product and process owners to develop solutions that enable innovation.


  • Assess and uplift your teams' capabilities and lay the groundwork for effective innovation

    • Traditional, comprehensive businesses often have monolithic systems and internal processes that stifle change and present barriers to innovation. To successfully and continuously introduce new products, services, or enhancements, businesses need to address their internal capabilities.

      • The Uplift Capability pillar identifies and addresses aspects of business operations that must be optimised to support innovative change.
      • In doing so, the pillar helps to prepare internal business operations for the change that continuous innovation brings.
      • A comprehensive Maturity Level Assessment is undertaken to identify an organisation’s current innovation maturity level.
      • An Uplift Strategy and supporting Capability Uplift Plans (CUPs), that prioritise the areas that require improvement are then developed and implemented.
      • This pillar intends to improve an organisation’s ability to innovate by ensuring the internal business operations are optimised and do not act as an inhibitor to innovation.
      • The aim of the pillar is to prepare the organisation to proactively respond to the changes that innovation brings.
  • The Tools to Uplift Capability

    • There are four tangible tools that underpin the Uplift Capability pillar. These include:

    • Online Self-Assessment: which provides an indication of the innovation maturity level of an organisation based on high-level questions. This tool aims to provide a pathway into the Maturity Level Assessment by familiarising potential clients with the theory language and process of MBT.

    • Dashboard Outcome Reports: which summarise the Maturity Level Assessment outcomes and outline the immediate and long-term opportunities for incremental improvement across the three pillars of the MBT Framework.

    • Uplift Strategy: which prioritises areas of focus for capability uplift.

    • Capability Uplift Plans: which identify tangible initiatives and provide a road-map to uplift capability in the prioritised areas of focus.