How ready is your organisation for change resilience? The MBT Readiness Assessment

    • The MBT Readiness Assessment tool offers each organisation the opportunity to assess and measure their innovation and transformation maturity level.

      The assessment can take place at almost any point in an organisation’s life and at any level of seniority. Completing regular assessments can assist in determining whether business goals are being met.

      As an organisation, the MBT Readiness Assessment supports a transformation journey. It can assist the organisation to learn from past experiences, determine what course needs to be followed to continue the process and identify strengths and weaknesses.

      Participating in an assessment can help to determine what factors should be considered along the value-chain, such as what kind of action needs to be taken to streamline a process. To perform an organisational assessment, it is necessary to answer the questions in a transparent way.

  • The MBT Readiness Assessment considers

      • Determining the organisational technology usage and roadmap
      • Quick mapping of staff capability and knowledge to support the transformation
      • Evaluating organisational process metrics and performance linkage
      • Measuring how well the organisation leverages business goals and strategy to design and execute any improvement, transformation and/or innovation internally and externally
      • Assessing staff actions and behaviour to determine how well the transformation culture has been embedded within the organisation
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      MBT Readiness Assessment

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