A New Reality is Fast Approaching

    • Reality doesn’t have to be the be-all-and-end-all; it can be augmented or even replaced entirely. Augmented Reality (AR) is overlaying reality with additional visual information while Virtual Reality (VR) is replacing reality with a virtual one. VR has been around for decades and has been over-promising and under-delivering due in part to the sheer amount of computing power required to produce a realistic 360° view; but its smaller, light-weight, AR cousin has already made several wins and is poised to go viral.

      While Google Glass was removed from our shelves a few years ago, the friendly folk at Pokémon Go showed us that it was indeed possible to produce an AR product that consumers like. As Martha Pease from CNN puts it while talking about What Went Wrong, “Google Glass is a demonstration of what gives [a] business an edge. This kind of applied technology, that creates leaps into a whole new category of products and economic territory, is the essence of competitiveness.”

      Other big ideas utilising AR technology are in warehousing, where organisations can use this competitive edge to outperform their competitors, and healthcare where organisations can use this competitive edge to increase their market share. How will these few examples impact on your industry and are you ready for it? What about the other thousand examples that come along every week? Could AR, or even VR, technology be utilised in your organisation and what value could you gain from it? How does your organisation go about implementing this type of innovation, and how successful are you at doing so?

      But let’s go back a step… how do you come up with these ideas in the first place? Do you risk it and wait for the market (and your competitors) to lead your sector? Do you react or do you lead? Do you have the capabilities to transform your organisation quickly if the next idea brings a massive disruption?

      Modern Business Transformation is a combination of ideation, delivery and monitoring best practices designed to take thoughts to reality and make you a truly agile organisation that can transform itself in line with new thinking and an ever-changing market. Gone are the days where one-off, large projects are sufficient; with an ever-changing market comes an ever-changing organisation and how fast you can implement change makes all the difference. We’ve moved to another dimension and the laws and constants that govern this one are dramatically different.

  • About the Author

    Danny Johnson

    MBT Practice Manager, Procensol

    Innovation and Transformation are not just toys for the rich.
    Personal differences are not a limitation to finding shared goals.
    Our governing and economic structures must and can be improved.
    We constituents can combine our strengths to create a better world for all.

    As an inquisitive, analytical and experienced bridge between Business and the Sciences, I am using my strengths to help organisations improve the way they gain foresight and manage change at a speed relative to our changing world. My goal is effective, agile governments managing resource-based economies guided directly by the people for all people of all backgrounds.

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